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Project Description
This library allows you to provide any web application with views, stylesheets and scripts embedded in an assembly by using the virtual file system of ASP.NET.

Step 1
Create a new class library project and add all views, stylesheets and scripts you need in your template.


Step 2
Set the build action for each file you need in your template to "Resource".


Step 3
Register your virtual template to a web application.


If you don't want to make a rebuild each time you have made changes on your template, you can use a virtual template that maps to the project folder of your template in debug mode.


Using IIS and client caching
To use IIS and enable client caching you have to add the handle virtual file module and register files which are usually not handled by ASP.NET to it. Otherwise ASP.NET is going back to IIS asking it to handle the request on them and is not using your virtual template.


The explorer sample allows you to explore the virtual file system of including the files of your template.



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